Icon Name TM Level Type Learn Mastery Mastery Item Prerequisite
Barrier 35 On/Off 2 2 x2 Mimic Card Mental Training Lv.1
Increase for a certain period of time defense power.
Formula: Defense Power (excluding equipment) x increase defense power % + Fixed Value
Level MP Cooldown Increase Defense Power Duration Fixed Value
1 150 10s 17% 150s 0
2 17019%155s5
3 19021%160s10
4 21023%165s15
5 23025%170s20
6 25027% 175s 25
7 27029%180s30
8 29031%185s35
9 31033%190s40
10 33035%195s45
Master 40040% 200s 50
Notes: Create a shield in order to protect themselves.

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