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Tutankhamen Seal

Desert Beach Boss
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Magic 71 Physical, Gun Magic, Air, Light
Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Doom of Pharaoh
Active Elemental Attribute HP
Yes Earth 48% 4,085 x 4
605 805 473 564 60
Name Level Name Level
Mana Arrow
Mana Arrow 4
Mana Ring
Mana Ring 5
Mana Shield
Mana Shield 4
Rust 4
Cure 4
Banish 0

Enhanced Resistance

Damage Tolerance
Phys. Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Elec. Light Dark Shadow
61% 27% 51% 44% 44% 33% 44% 44% 27% 44% ?
Basic Mummy
Rotten Mummy
Queen Mummy
Mad Sergeant Mad Lieutenant Mad Captain Sphinx
Lv.60 Lv.60 Lv.60 Lv.65
Level Restriction
Level 1 ~ 90


Give 1x Subject's Earrings and 1x Subject's Mask (not consumed) to Bastet at Pyramid Dungeon 6 - Hall of the Queen.

Earlier give 1x Apron (consumed) to Rosemary in Pyramid Dungeon 5 - Hall of Love Affair and she'll transfer you to Pyramid Dungeon 6 - Hall of the Queen. (RTO change: no need to do it anymore, just walk through the portal to Pyramid Dungeon 6)

To proceed to the boss, you have to complete the following trials:

  1. Trial 1 - Test of Calmness:
    1. Talk to Lieutenant to start a Monster Quest which requires you to defeat the correct Scarab (it's aggressive and near the right side) within 5 minutes (after the quest is in log, talk to Lieutenant again and choose the 2nd option, that do he teleport you to the Scarabs area)
    2. Return back, talk to Lieutenant to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Quickness. NOTE: You don't need to loot the King's Seal that the Scarab drops.
  2. Trial 2 - Test of Quickness:
    1. ​Talk to Sergeant for another Monster Quest which requires you to defeat Pharaoh's Mimic within 2 minutes to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Knowledge.
  3. ​Trial 3 - Test of Knowledge:
    1. ​Talk to Captain for a logic puzzle. There are other 2 NPC's: Lieutenant and Sergeant. You need to choose which answer is correct based on what they say (the answers are found in Test of Knowledge Guide)
    2. A second question will be asked about Egyptian history, answer this correct to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Power (the answers are found in Test of Knowledge Guide).
  4. ​Trial 4 - Test of Power:
    1. Fight with Guardian, Captain, and Captain to acquire 1x Gray Round Seal, 1x Dark Round Seal, 1x Red Round Seal, then show them to Bastet to be transfer to Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Doom of Pharaoh.

Not recommended to fight solo below level 70 or so.

Since the new Boss System is added, there is no need to rush and worry you will be teleported out of the trials because somebody already defeated it. You now have your own Boss Room! Wait for a moment and Tutankhamen will spawn. Do not panic, and start defeating it. Once it is defeated, check the ground for unique. You may get a Unique Equipment. After defeat, Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Doom of Pharaoh will crumple in 30 seconds. There is no portal leaving the Boss Room, so you need to wait until the Boss Room crumbles and be teleported to Gate of Desert Beach. You'll have to wait for 15 minutes before you can enter the trials again.

His Banish skill creates a large blue ring around a target player near him; anyone inside the ring when it disappears (around 3 seconds later) is teleported to either Megalopolis Square or Beach Town - Paradise.

Name Use  %
Golden Lion Shield
Golden Lion Shield Legendary Unique Shield (Lv. 35)
Pharaoh Boy - Young Pharaoh's Awakening
Bastet - Bastet's Mission
Very Rare
Golden Sword
Golden Sword Legendary Unique Special Weapon (Lv. 35)
Pharaoh Boy - Young Pharaoh's Awakening
Anubis - Anubis' Mission (1)
Anubis - Anubis' Mission (2)
Very Rare
Pharaoh Hat
Pharaoh Hat Legendary Unique Hat (Lv. 35)
Pharaoh Boy - Young Pharaoh's Awakening
Nefertiti - Nefertiti's Mission
Very Rare
Tutankhamen Card
Tutankhamen Card Card Identification Rare
Nemeth Hair Towel
Nemeth Hair Towel Compound: Elec Resist +5~15% (Lv. 50)
Ultimate Beanie Hat (Lv. 20)
Ultimate Bokken Sword (Lv. 20)
Kane Rod
Ultimate Kane Rod Cane (Lv. 20)
Ultimate Knife Knife (Lv. 20)
Wood Gun
Ultimate Wood Gun Gun (Lv. 20)
Wood Helmet
Ultimate Wood Helmet Hat (Lv. 20)
Tutankhamen2 big
Tutankhamen Seal
Tombeth Seal
Captain Skull Seal
Pirate King Karan Seal
Count Blood Seal
Tenter Lion Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion
Queen Odinea Seal
Soki Seal
Spicy Dragon Seal
Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon Koiosu True Kronos

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